Tim Mosedale Challenge

On Friday 24th of July 2015, Tubadography travelled to Cumbria to the pretty market town of Keswick to undertake a lengthy challenge with the videography and photography team to capture the ultimate triathlon that was taken on by Tim Mosedale. Tim had set out to raise funds for the Nepal earthquake after losing part of his expedition team during the disaster.


Tim Mosedale, 49 is a qualified expedition leader from Keswick who together with his team have led many people to the summit of Mount Everest. Tim was at camp one when the earthquake struck, he lost three of his closest friends who were working with him as his Sherpa’s in his Everest expedition team. Unfortunately, they were supposedly safe down at Base Camp when they were engulfed and swept away by an avalanche triggered by the earthquake. Pasang Temba, Kumar and Tenzing left behind their wives and 9 children between them. Tims motivation for this challenge was to provide for the families who had lost their providers for the next generation and pay for better schooling for the children. He wanted to do something tough and physically demanding so the super triathlon that he came up with was perfect. For fifty days before the challenge Tim biked, swam and ran whenever and wherever he could, Tim isn’t from a biking background and hadn’t been on a bike since the age of fifteen.


Tubado followed Tim’s every move throughout (51 hours and 50 minutes in total) as he cycled the 112 mile Fred Whitton course, swam the length of Derwenter water there and back and ran the Bob Graham round across 42 summits. Tubadography was able to capture aerial footage as well as close- up documentary shots with our specilised photography equipment. We slept on the move when we were able to; whilst transporting ourselves and our equipment around the three separate routes. During a rest period after decending from Scafell, Tim was visited by the famous Fell Runner ‘Joss Naylor’ and Tubadography were able to capture a few words of encouragement from him which can be seen on the video.


We directed the film as part of our video production service. The video comprises actual footage shot throughout the challenge by Tubado. The interviews with Tim were completed during one take on the morning of the event. There was no second takes so what you see and hear is as natural as it possibly could be. Our work was published in Trail Magazine, BMC tv and Live for the Outdoors.

Tim completed the challenge on Sunday 26th of July at 9.50pm (51hrs and 50 mins). Anyone tackling one of these events in isolation would be taking on a HUGE challenge, doing all three together back to back is just unbelievable.


Tubado together with the road crew, cyclists, canoeist and fell runners all gave up their time and services free of charge in order to support a very worthwhile cause.




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