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Our parent company Tubado has clients in the small historic Cornish fishing village which in days gone by had a rich history of hidden caves and smuggling. Therefore whilst down their working on bespoke images for their websites Tubadography took to the skies to complete a spot of aerial cinematography. It was whilst Tubadography were flying that we were approached by the Captain of the Karen Marie fishing boat who asked if we could film his boat coming into the harbour. He wanted to know if they could then use the footage for Polperro tourism, of course we agreed.

We looked at how we could take off and land safely whilst looking at the best way of having everyone under our control during the flight. The scene was set, an early morning flight before people were up and about. We researched the area on foot looking for those remote locations that provided the best cinematography shots. We were then up at 5am each morning waiting for the best weather conditions. After three days of waiting we got the perfect day, the sun came out, there were no clouds, no wind and the tide was in with perfectly calm waters. We had the perfect conditions for the best stabilised cinematography possible, the results on a cold February morning were excellent. We caught the sun rising out over the sea on the horizon and coming in over Polperro, it actually looks like a warm summers morning.

Of course the work did not stop there, with all of our aerial filming being completed, we then started on the video production. We uploaded all of our film and then spent hours editing the footage on our purpose built high end systems. We think our editing together with the completed video justified all of the time spent getting up early each day waiting for the perfect conditions, we hope you agree and enjoy our short video.

Polperro Tourism

Tubadography filmed and produced this short promotional video for Polperro Tourism, the video can be seen on a number of social media platforms as well as youtube. The video also ranks highly when people search for polperro. We provided video production services, aerial cinematography services and post production services.

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CLIENT    Polperro Tourism
DATE    12th February 2015
  • Aerial Cinematography
  • Remote Location
  • Stabilized Cinematography
  • Video Production