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As most people connected to Tubado and Tubadography will know, we do enjoy the outdoor life together with a challenge thrown into the equation; we love to go the extra mile and what better way to bring all those qualities together than to help out friends when travesty strikes.

Tim Mosedale is a good friend of ours who is a four times Everest summiteer and only the 10th Brit to summit Everest from both sides. Tim’s expedition company who’s website Tubado are currently designing and building was unfortunately on Everest at Camp one when the recent earthquake struck Nepal with devastating consequences. Three of the teams sherpa’s Pasang Temba, Kumar and Tenzing had returned to base camp to collect supplies and unfortunately they paid the ultimate price losing their lives due to base camp taking the brunt of the devastation.Between them nine children were left behind, six of whom are of school age. Tim set out to raise £100,000.00 in order to be able to put the six children through school until school leaving age, whilst also putting money back directly into the local economy.

So, how did he do this?

Tim set out to cycle 112miles over six lakeland passes following the Fred Whitton Route, swim 5.5 miles and complete the Bob Graham round a 66 mile fell run over 42 of the highest peaks in the English Lake District, making this possibly one of the worlds toughest triathlons!

Tubadography followed the event throughout (51hours and 50minutes in total) using all of our videography skills together with our equipment such as our stabilised cinematography systems, still photography and aerial drone photography/videography. We slept on the move when we could, whilst transporting ourselves and our equipment around the three separate routes. We directed the film as part of our video production service.

Once completed we returned to our office and set about uploading hours and hours of footage. I remember that first morning all of us looking at each other and thinking well were do we start, at the beginning came the reply, and as part of our post production service that is exactly what we did and The Tim Mosedale Challenge video was created.

If you as a group or organisation require event filming, bespoke photography or aerial cinematography in a remote location then we would love to hear from you; in the meantime we really hope you enjoy the video.


Tim Mosedale Challenge

Tubadography followed Tim Mosedale on his grueling triathlon covering a total distance of 184.5 miles over 51 hours 50 minutes. The video was shot with the intention of raising awareness of Tim's cause to increase the number of donations he had received. Tubadography shot the footage then produced the film ready to go live the week following Tim completing the event.

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CLIENT    Tim Mosedale
DATE    2nd August, 2015
  • Aerial Cinematography
  • Photography
  • Post Production
  • Remote Location
  • Stabilized Cinematography
  • Video Production